A gift from God and a way to bless others.

In 2004 God brought me to an intersection where I had to ask Him if a dream he had put into my heart as an 8 year old was something I made up or something from Him and that if it was from Him, could He find a place within 20 minutes of the church. What He brought to me what the words from a sermon I had heard a while back when the pastor was preaching how it is easier to steer a moving car than one that is parked. I realized that this meant I had to start looking. The initial ones I found within this criteria were way too expensive and so we started to work with a real estate agent and 21 homes later, we found our little place of heaven..

With the blessing that came with Phil’s farm, were 2 horses who were boarding on the land and the opportunity to grow the animals on the farm. We started with getting chickens the first Easter, but lost some to my neighbor’s dog. She blessed my children by getting them bunnies as a replacement for the lost hens. It was a great start and each Easter as we learned more and grew our flock. Over the years, I also learned about predators and how to prevent the loss to them. We also lost the 2 horses who were originally boarding on the property, and our next set of 2 horses and a pony left when we thought we were moving (but God had other plans) and now have 2 horses which match the original look of the first two sets which the family enjoys. It has also been a blessing to many others who have been able to take advantage of the basement apartment we have to get some rest and restoration. What a blessing this place has been not only to me and my family, but to many others. (to be continued…)

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